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All sensitive information goes over SSL at 128-bit encryption. SSL is "Secure Socket Layer" and "128-bit encryption" is the industry standard for protecting data.

Privacy policy uses cookies on this site. Our cookies allow the site to remember what you've put in your shopping cart, and allow your logged-in state to not expire immediately on you.

We do not store any credit card information.

We DO store your name, address, phone number, what you ordered, and when. There will be both electronic and paper copies of your orders.

If you register for the site, your name, address, and phone number will be stored regardless of whether you order.

We store the IP addresses of both human users and robots. These "IP" addresses are not used to determine your actual physical address; we only have access to tracking it to the city level. However, we can figure out what city you logged on from, and who your ISP is. We will use IP data to determine:

  1. If you're a human or a "robot" (program).
  2. What areas of the country/world our visitors are coming from.
  3. The "path" the IP's user took through the site. In other words, which pages were viewed, and in what order. This helps us to streamline the navigation in future upgrades.
  4. If any particular ISP's customers are having problems with the site.

The server's normal logging operations will record:

What site you came from, when you came, and what you looked at on this site. It can also tell which browser you used, which operating system you have running, and whether you had certain toolbars/browser plugins in operation. All this kind of info has a fascination for webmasters, but is of little use for much else besides curiosity. Occasionally it may be used to adjust the layout of the site to accomodate various setups.

We can NOT find out where you go after you leave this site.

Email policy:

We send email acknowledgements of orders, and notifications when the orders are shipped.

If you subscribe to the "newsletter," we may occasionally send notifications about our latest sales, new products, items of interest, etc.

To unsubscribe, just click the "unsubscribe" link in the navigation area on the left of the site. You will still get your order-related emails (acknowlegements and shipment notices).

We will not sell, rent, or otherwise deliver your email addresses to a third party if you order from us, unless you ask for the shipment number or otherwise indicate a desire to know exactly when shipping takes place. Then, we may have the delivery service send you a confirmation email directly. This will usually be the USPS, but may be DHL.

If we use DHL to ship, we will provide them with your phone number so they can call you if they have trouble finding your address.


In the case of a transfer of ownership, our stored customer data may be sold to the new owners.

We are not responsible for the content, actions, or privacy policies of any sites that may be linked to from this site.



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